Cynthia Penna

Consultant for contemporary art at Centro museale MUSA Portici (NA)

Advisor of The Beverly Arts - Beverly Hills (CA )

Juror of ArtEmerge  Gallery Los Angeles (CA)

Juror of Los Angeles Art Association -825 Gallery

Member of AAMC – The Association of Art Museum Curators

Member of Fractured Atlas

Member of ACACIA Art Association of Milan Italy and donor of Museo del Novecento – Milan Italy

Patron of J. P. Getty Foundation Malibu

Regularly collaborates with the following art magazines: ArtStartWeb e ARTE IN in Milano.


Born in Naples - Italy 13/07/1953.

Cynthia Penna lives and works in Naples, Milan and Los Angeles.

She graduated in Jurisprudence at the University Federico II in Naples, Italy and from 1978 to 2004 worked as a magistrate mainly in Naples as an investigating judge and after a some years in the Court of Appeal, she attended the post of Inspector for the Ministry of Justice in Rome, resigning definitively from her job to follow her first passion and inspiration: Art.

The turning point came in 2007 when, after leaving the judiciary, she devoted herself totally to her passion that accompanied her for her whole life since the first high school studies in Art History with Professor Adriana Catalano. She continued to study, read and look at art history for her entire life by reading many texts, visiting hundreds museums of Art and History all around the world.

She followed photography courses with the photographer Gianni Cesarini in Naples in the 70ies; obtained a diploma in Antiques from the Popular University of Naples in 1992 and speaks fluently as well as Italian, French and English.

From the late 1990s she became a collector of contemporary art together with her husband, Avv. Renato Penna, and met artists, gallery owners, curators who opened up a different world from her cultural background in classical art.

Since 2006 she entered the world of Californian art, her second home, having the opportunity to get to know and penetrate the lively artistic world of Los Angeles.

In 2007 the definitive push for the foundation of the Cultural Institution ART1307 which acts as a bridge between Italy and California, two worlds not very much connected and almost unknown to each other. Over the years she has curated more than one hundred exhibitions in Italy and abroad for public and private institutions and for prestigious museums such as the Archaeological Museum of Naples, the Royal Palace of Caserta, the Musa Center at the Royal Palace of Portici, the Museum of Art and History of Lancaster, California, the Metropolitan Museum of Tokyo, the Municipality of Teglio, the Istituto Arte Japan in Milan, the Ambassade du Tourisme in France and many others. She gave dozens of conferences and lectures in many Universities and other institutions around the world.


Curatorial CV

1992 Graduate in Antiques and decoration at Università Popolare di Napoli
1977/1978 Stage in tecnique of restoration in painting
1977 Art course in French Language – University of Grenoble in Napoli, Italy
1976 Cambridge Certificate from British Council
1975/78 University of Grenoble in Napoli, Italy – Courses of French Language
1975 Degree in LAW at University of Napoli, Italy “cum Laude”
1973/1974 Stage in Tecnique of development and printing photographies
1971 High School Diploma

2007 Founded ART1307 Cultural Institution in Napoli, Italy Appointed Artistic Director of ART1307, Napoli, Italy
2011 Founded ART1307, LLC, companies based in Los Angeles, California She is President, co - owner and Artistic Director

Languages: Italian, English and French

2023 Transformative Art Association Los Angeles - Reimagining Mosaic - curated with Jill Moniz
Late Winter Storm: Fragility
 - on line exhibition juried and curated for Art Emerge platform Los Angeles
Art1307 Studio, Naples - End of Residency in Italy - Gary Brewer, Aline Mare
RFI AV Station Afragola, Naples - Infinite Imagination
 - Gary Brewer, Aline Mare
Art1307 Studio, Naples - End of Residency in Italy
- Yasunari Nakagomi
Museo Ercolanense Reggia di Portici, Naples - The texture of dreams - Yasunari Nakagomi
2022 Art1307 Studio, Naples - MORFOLOGIE - Linda Kunik, Stephen Robert Johns
RFI AV Station Afragola, Naples - TOPOGRAFIE dell’ANIMA - Stephen Robert Johns
Los Angeles ART Association - Los Angeles
- Gossamer: about 20 American artists are engaged in the visual reproduction of the levity and insubstantiality of a dreaming realm

RFI AV Station Afragola, Naples - Geometrie Organiche: Giulia Manfredi e Pilar Soberon
Reggia di Portici - Naples - Il Silente linguaggio della Natura: Giulia Manfredi e Pilar Soberon
The Loft at Liz's - Los Angeles - Lost in Colors: Rhea Carmi and Yoella Razili two solo show
2021 Museo Ercolanense Reggia di Portici, Naples - INSPIRATIONAL - Kelly Berg, Laddie J. Dill, Ned Evans, Justin Garcia, Shane Guffogg, Miguel Osuna, Todd Williamson
Art1307 Studio, Naples
- TRANSIENCE IN LOCI - Yuri Boyko, Claudio Santini
Art1307 Studio, Naples
- LA LUCE ATTRAVERSO - Ned Evans and Peter Lodato
Amira Art Gallery, Nola, Naples
Ronald H. Silverman Fine Arts Gallery, LA.
- REPLICATION - David Jang
Re-start and more
- group show
Eterno Ritorno by Julia Krahn - solo show
Exposition d'ete - group show
City of Afragola - Train Station of Afragola: Yuri Boyko and Claudio Santini
Pio Monte della Misericordia Museum – Solo show of Herta Miessner
2020 Re-start and more - group show
Re-start - group show
“One Artist a Day”: 
on line project of anthology of artists
"TIME” PROJECT: art book publishing
MOAH Museum - County Museum of Lancaster: The light of Space: Laddie John Dill
2019 LAAA Los Angeles Artists Association: group show: On the Edge of History
ART1307 association - Napoli: Family affairs: I Moses
Castel dell’OVO - Napoli: Traveling Canvas project and group show
Train Station of Afragola: group show: Traveling with Zaha: homage to Zaha Adid 
ART1307 association Napoli: Sospesi sulla Storia - group show
CALSTATE University Los Angeles: Traveling Canvas: project and group show
LA Artcore Los Angeles: Fluxus solo show of Max Coppeta
LAAA Los Angeles Art Association – Participation at Commission for 2020 solo exhibitions
2018 ART1307 association - NapoliM'illumino si suono  - solo show of the artist Pietro Pirelli
ART1307 association - Napoli: Continuum  - solo show of the artist Miguel Osuna

Pio Monte della Misericordia - Napoli
: Miguel Osuna meets Caravaggio.Project
Reggia di Caserta: FLOW - curatorial of solo show of the artist Max Coppeta
The Loft at Liz’s: Here’s Looking at You, Kid  - group show
Castelli Art Space - Los Angeles: Sensoria: solo show of Claudia Meyer presentation of the artist and lecture
LAAA Los Angeles Art Association – Participation at Commission for 2019 solo exhibitions
ART1307 association - Napoli: Disturbances  - two solo show of the artists Amedeo Sanzone and Brad Howe
2017 LAAA Artist’s Association Los Angeles: PortfolioReview
LAAA Artist’s Association Los Angeles: Guest Curator for exchange show ”Ambiguous Reality”
Archaeological Museum of Napoli- Italy: project and curatorial of solo show of Laddie John Dill
ART1307 association - Napoli - IN TAGLIO  - group show
MOAH art Museum Lancaster- California: Project and curatorial of the group show: Estate Italiana
The loft at Liz’s Gallery - Los Angeles: co-curatorial of the exhibition: A cut Above – Panel with artists
2016 Metropolitan Art Museum - Tokyo - Japan: Crosscurrant Italy - Japan
Art Hotel Gran Paradiso - Sorrento: “The Mandala Octet” for “Working Together Project” with 8 Japanese artists
ART1307 association - Napoli - Segni di Luce  - solo show of Claudia Meyer
ART1307 association - Napoli - Latitude 36 - 40  - group show
ART1307 association - Napoli -  “Silicosophy” solo show of Carla Viparelli

2015 Pio Monte della Misericordia – Napoli: Laddie John Dill meets Caravaggio Project
ART1307 association - Napoli - Modulazione di Luce  - solo show of Laddie John Dill

Art Hotel Gran Paradiso - Sorrento: for “Working Togehter Project”: 10 American artists work together at the same artwork
ART1307 association - Napoli - Mana in Naples  - group show

6029 Gallery, Los Angeles: “Silicosophy” solo show of Carla Viparelli
Pio Monte della Misericordia - Napoli: “Silenzi: la Scala della Misericordia”: project by Amedeo Sanzone
Polifonia di un Paesaggio - Todd Williamson
2014 Pio Monte della Misericordia - Napoli: Yasunari Nakagomi meets Caravaggio Project
ART1307 association - Napoli - Yasunari Nakagomi  solo show
West Hollywood Library: solo show of Dado Schapira
LAAA Artist’s Association Los Angeles: Juror and guest curator for the exhibition: “The non Objective Moment"
ART1307 association - Napoli - Latitude 34 - 40  - group show
ART1307 association - Napoli - Meta-Illusioni  - group show
LA Artcore - Los Angeles - Latitude 36 - 40 - group show
6029 Gallery - Los Angeles - Breaking the Mold  - solo show of TTOZOI

2013 Pio Monte della Misericordia - Napoli: Lisa Bartleson meets Caravaggio Project
ART1307 association - Napoli : Lisa Bartleson solo show
Italian Cultural Center (IIC) - Los Angeles: Danilo Giannoni solo show 
Galleria ArteSilva Seregno (MI): Apparenti Geometrie - Peter Lodato solo show
6029 Gallery - Los Angeles: Project: EKVA and Italian contemporary art 
6029 Gallery - Los Angeles: Project: G.R.A.V and Kinetic Art in Europe
ART1307 association - Napoli - Marco Abbamondi solo show
ART1307 association - A-myd arte spazio – Milano - group show

2012 Italian Cultural Center (IIC) - Los Angeles: solo show of the artist TTOZOI
LAAA Artist’s Association Los Angeles: Portfolio Review
EMBLEMA Museum - Terzigno (Napoli): presentation of the Project of Peter Lodato “Eight to Eighty”
ART1307 association - Napoli - Peter Lodato solo show

2011 ART1307 association - Napoli - Metamorfosi delle Geometrie - Marco Casentini and Gary Paller
ART1307 association - Napoli - Immaterial Spaces - Lita Albuquerque, Laddie John Dill, Andy Moses
ART1307 association - Napoli - L'estetica delle muffe - TTOZOI solo show
ART1307 association - Napoli - Fil Rouge - Antonella Masetti solo show
2010 Villa Bruno – S. Giorgio a Cremano (Napoli): Curatorial project: “Sulle Tracce di Luca Giordano”: confrontation between the art of XV Century and contemporary art
ART1307 association - Napoli - Latitude 34 - 40  - group show
LA Artcore - Los Angeles - Latitude 36 - 40  - group show
ART1307 association - Napoli - Scotch Tape Affair - Joe Davidson solo show
ART1307 association - Napoli - La quadratura del cerchio - Robert Schaberl solo show
ART1307 association - Napoli - Brad Howe solo show
2009 ART1307 association - Napoli - MomentiMiti -  group show
ART1307 association - Napoli - Impressioni - Stefano Ciannella solo show
ART1307 association - Napoli -  Proposte per una collezione - group show
2008 Cultural Association “La Maison des Arts” – Carces (France): lecture «Signes de Mémoire» about the artists: Mirko Baricchi, Sergio Fermariello, Jorunn Monrad, Ariel Soulè
Associazione Arte Giappone - Milano - Todd Williamson solo show
ART1307 association - Napoli - Luce dal Buio -  Rhea Carmi solo show
ART1307 association - Napoli - Frammenti di Natura -  Daniel Marchi solo show
ART1307 association - Napoli - Orizzonti - Todd Williamson solo show
Ambassade du Tourisme - Saint Tropez - Signes couleurs solo show
2007 Ambassade du Tourisme – Saint-Tropez (France): Autour du Reve group show
City Hall Teglio - Sondrio: Walter Puppo solo show
ART1307 association - Napoli - Qui del Dicibile - Ariel Soulé, Simon Toparovsky show
ART1307 association - Napoli - Poesia - Fujio Nishida solo show