May 22, 2020 - International Curator Cynthia Penna


LIVE FEED Friday 11am with
International Curator Cynthia Penna, (Napoli, Italy) residing between, Italy, France, and USA. At the moment Penna is in lockdown in Los Angeles with her husband, Renato. Penna is vital force in the art world.

We will discuss her thoughts about the art world post-Covid 19. Also what Penna’s ideal dream art world might be. Plus new project “Time” which Penna curated during lockdown. “Time” project consists of over 60 artists and intellectuals and how they perceive this unique period in history.



May 12, 2020 Curators in Isolation: Cynthia Penna, International Curator (Italy & USA)

Curators in Isolation - Interviews with Curators regarding, “The Future of Art Post-Covid 19” and how this may reshape the art world.


 Transience ( Migrating Mind ) Art Curator Cynthia Penna interview by Yuri Boyko



Cynthia Penna speaks about Flow


Cynthia Penna at Unomattina Caffè


Cynthia Penna at TG3 Campania for Shane Guffogg


Ambiguous Reality



 Millumino di Suono




Polifonia di un Paesaggio


MANA in Naples


Meta Illusioni

Metaphysics of Landscapes

7 magnifici anni

Through the light