In the "difficult" times of our History, times in which the heaviness of political and social problems could no longer be cut with a knife, but with a machete, art intervenes to propose the alternative.

Art is magic, it is a dream, it is an illusion and even if it speaks of reality, it is not reality in itself.

So let us sink this heaviness and transpose it into a "consistent body" of levity.

It seems an oxymoron to speak of “consistent body of lightness”: the word body in itself configures a mass, containing the heaviness of a substance ; but art in its metaphysical transposition of things and thoughts, allows us to access and penetrate the oxymoron of a light, impalpable, almost insubstantial "body".

Lightness is a flower blossomed and offered as a gift, it is musical score , an unexpected gift. Lightness is a gesture of tenderness, a shared poem, a caress between the elderly, a hand that holds another.

Art offers all this by fixing the moment, the Time, the instant.

Time merges with the substance; the moment becomes immobilized in the space and remains suspended.

Sinking reality in that moment, this is the power of art; however dark and heavy reality is, art offers us a place , a way , an instant of pause; a different space-time possibility; it transports us to the world of illusion, to the world of dreams; it distorts the moment and the contingent situation and transforms it into something else: a new possibility, a new light at the end of the tunnel. Art grants us the ecstasy of levity.